All-Russian Congress of phlebologists and cosmetologists "Aesthetic phlebology 2018", Moscow, 15.05.2018.

15 May 2018 year at the Holiday Inn, Sokolniki, hosted the first All-Russian congress of specialists in aesthetic phlebology.

The event was attended by the leading staff of the phlebology center "MIFTS" hirug-phlebologist Malakhov Alexey Mikhailovich and cardiovascular surgeon, Ph.D., Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich.



Phlebologists MIFTS Raskin VV and Malakhov A.M. with Dr. AG Baghdasaryan.


The event was opened by Vadim Yuryevich Bogachev, professor, scientific director of the first phlebological center, laureate of the RF Government Prize in Science and Technology, (Moscow), presenting several reports.

Estetica Bogachev

Report of Professor Bogachev V.Yu. about the CLaCS method


In the first lecture "Secrets of Sclerotherapy" Vadim Yurievich told about his own experience of using this technique. In the next report, Professor Bogachev presented the topic: "CLaCS-therapy. First experience". The historical aspects of the issue were considered. For the first time, the combination of laser and sclerotherapy was suggested by the famous American doctor Mitchell P. Goldman in 1990, and in 2009 the CLaCS technology was presented to the medical community by the Brazilian Kasuo Miyake, already backed by practical experience and with a formal theoretical basis. Vadim Yurievich highlighted the following advantages of the method:

Decreased concentration of sclerosant.

No need for compression.

Reduction of the frequency of side effects, characteristic for the isolated application of a transcutaneous laser or sclerotherapy.

In his own practice for CLACS therapy, Dr. Bogachev used a neodymium laser with a wavelength 1064 nm of the Cutera platform, an air filter Cryoflow. Results of treatment were presented. On their basis, we can draw the following conclusion: CLACS-therapy is an effective high-technology procedure for correction of intradermal veins of various localizations. In the next message Vadim Yurievich revealed the topic: "Sclerotherapy of dilated veins of atypical localization." Professor shared experience of sclerotherapy on the face, hands and groin.

The event was continued by Artur Baghdasaryan, vascular surgeon, head of the program "Aesthetic phlebology" (PFUR), (Moscow), with a lecture on the topic: "Percutaneous laser coagulation. Opportunities and prospects ».

Estetica Bagdasaryan

Reported by phlebologist Bagdasaryan A.G.


In the message Arthur Gagikovich disclosed the advantages and disadvantages of the main methods of removing telangiectasias and reticular veins. The next lecture of Dr. Bagdasaryan was devoted to the topic: "Laser removal of surface malformations and hemangiomas." Treatment of vascular anomalies, such as: venous malformations, hemangiomas and wine spots is at the junction of cosmetology and phlebology. For a long time, these pathologies have not received enough attention from the medical community. Arthur Gagikovich, having a significant practice of conducting various vascular formations, shared his own experience of their treatment.

The Nd-Yag 1064 nm laser and IPL-lamps (intensive pulsed light) allow non-invasive and effective treatment of patients with local venous malformations, hemangiomas and wine spots.

These techniques can be used both in isolation and as part of complex treatment.

The best results were obtained when working with capillary malformations (with the exception of wine spots) and small local vellucid venous malformations on the face and mucous membranes.

When working with wine stains, probably the only method is effective - IPL, but in order to get a satisfactory result, a repetition of the procedure is necessary.

The next message Dr. Baghdasaryan devoted to the topic: "Nd: Yag 1064 nm in the treatment of vascular pathology on the face." Arthur Gagikovich described the nuances of using this laser as applied to the anatomy of the facial area. The following conclusions are drawn:

Nd: Yag 1064 nm is an effective method for removing vascular neoplasms on the face and often gives results where PDL, KTP and high-intensity pulsed light (IPL) do not work.

The disadvantage is the need to work with high power, which increases the risk of burns.

Artur G. Baghdasaryan conducted a master class "Combined laser removal of reticular veins and telangiectasia."

Estetica Bagdasaryan 1

Dr. Baghdasaryan A.G. conducts laser removal of telangiectasises


Vadim Yuryevich Bogachev conducted a master class "CLaCS-therapy".

Estetica Bogachev 1

Professor Bogachev V.Yu. conducts CLaCS procedure


Ovsep Petrovich Mandzhikyan, cardiovascular surgeon, phlebologist, (Moscow), in the message "Sclerotherapy and transcutaneous 1064 nm laser - synergy of techniques" shared his own experience of using CLaCS therapy.

Estetica Mangikyan

Reported by O. Manjikyan.


This technique was developed and implemented by Professor Kasuo Miyake (Sao Paulo, Brazil). The technology consists in the combined action of a long-pulse neodymium laser on the vein, the introduction of a sclerosing agent into the vein, and the use of air cooling with improved visualization with the help of a venovisor.

Sergey Vladimirovich Maximov, surgeon-phlebologist, PhD, general director of OOO Nord Clinic, (Dmitrov), presented the message "Mechanochemical obliteration - a modern non-thermal method of treatment of varicose veins".

Estetica Maksimov

Reported by phlebologist Maximov S.V.


In this lecture, Sergei Vladimirovich revealed the advantages and disadvantages of thermal and nonthermal methods of treating varicose veins, described in detail the principle of selecting patients for the latter. Dr. Maximov presented his own experience in the application of technology mechano-chemical obliteration Flebogrif. In the period from May 2017 to April 2018, Sergei Vladimirovich operated on this method 13 patients aged from 26 to 83 years. The diameter of the large saphenous vein in the anastomium was 6,8 - 10 mm. Technical success at the time of observation was achieved in all patients. One of them required echoscleroblitoration of the segment of the large saphenous vein in the early postoperative period. Two more patients required an echosclerobliteration of the near-mouth tributaries. Results:

The auricle stump of the large saphenous vein was from 0 to 25 mm.

The trunk blood reflux is completely eliminated.

The regress of edema and trophic disorders has been achieved.

Despite the excellent results, this technique is not yet used by phlebologists of Russia as an alternative to thermal methods of treating varicose veins, since it is not registered in Russia.

Alexei Volkov, Ph.D., a member of the expert council of the Russian phlebology association, member of the Ethical Committee of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine of Russia, opened the topic: "The effectiveness of the 532 nm laser CTE in the treatment of telangiectasias on the face."

Estetica Volkov

Reported by Dr. Volkov AS


Dr. Volkov presented his own experience of using this laser in clinical practice. Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment was carried out on the basis of analysis by a doctor and patient of photographic materials (before, during and after treatment). The analysis of the obtained data resulted in the following results:

To eliminate more than 50% of vessels, it took 3 - 4 procedures.

When exposed to point and unextended linear (up to 2-3 mm) capillary telangiectasias, 100% disappearance was achieved for 1-2 procedures in all patients.

Burns and skin pigmentation disorders in the laser exposure zone were not recorded.

There were no cases of complete absence of treatment effect.

Matvei A. Parikov, a leading specialist of the St. Petersburg branch of the Innovation Vascular Center, board member of the Baltic Society of Phlebology, (St. Petersburg), presented a lecture on "Sclerotherapy of the veins of the dorsal surface of the hands."

Estetica Parikov

Reported by phlebologist Parikov MA (St. Petersburg)


In this message and the subsequent master class, Dr. Parikov disclosed the secrets of sclerobliteration of veins of this localization. In the next report, Matvey Alexandrovich turned to such a complex topic as: "Laser removal of paraorbital veins." The doctor cited the results of his own observation and treatment of 40 patients with dilated paraorbital veins. A transdermal Almalasers Harmony XL Pro 1064 nm laser was used. Results:

After 1 session, all treated segments of veins were eliminated.

Local reddening and reactive swelling were observed up to 7 days.

Burns were not recorded.

Matvey Alexandrovich Parikov conducted a master class "Sclerotherapy of the veins of the dorsal surface of the hands".

Estetica Parikov 1

Doctor Parikov MA conducts sclerotherapy on the hands


Larisa Iosifovna Radetska, Ph.D., dermatocosmetologist, associate professor of PFUR, (Moscow), presented a lecture on the topic: "Differentiated application of light technologies in aesthetic medicine in vascular pathology".

Estetica Radeckaya

Delivered by cosmetologist Radetska L.I.


Larisa Iosifovna disclosed the physical principles of the operation of laser equipment in medical practice.

Anna Alexandrovna Dyukhova, a cosmetologist at the Сome Мode Medical Clinic, (St. Petersburg), presented a report on the topic: "Modern possibilities of rosacea treatment".

Estetica Dyuhova

The cosmetologist Dyukhov AA reports. (St. Petersburg)


Anna Alexandrovna told about the most effective methods of treating this uneasy pathology.

The event was completed by Elena V. Makshanova, a cosmetologist, dermatologist, winner of the cosmetology championship under the auspices of the international committee, with the message: "Treatment of Vascular Pathology in Aesthetic Medicine". In the lecture, Elena Valerievna shared her experience of successful treatment of telangiectasias on her face with a pulsed dye laser with a wavelength of 595 nm and a high-intensity pulsed light (BBL) system.